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Cash & Carry

Cash & Carry: select fruit and vegetables yourself

Choose your own fruit and vegetables in our Cash & Carry store in Antwerp. You select from a wide range and at a nice price for this high quality.

Maybe you would like to choose your fresh top products yourself? Chefs can come and pick out fresh fruit and vegetables in our adjoining store warehouse in Antwerp. They are of the same top quality! You are guaranteed to get inspiration for new dishes that you want to make for your family and friends!

For families and hobby chefs who want to prepare a delicious dish with top products are more than welcome in our Cash & Carry. Find here a wide range of local and exotic fruit and vegetables. You can even choose cut products here. The big advantage of shopping in the Cash & Carry is that you are assured of top quality. And that is the ideal basis for the tasty meal you want to make!

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