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About us

RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS? We are committed to this!

Every day we take steps towards a more sustainable company. It starts with the fruit and vegetables themselves. If possible, we opt for home grown fruit and vegetables. The social aspect also deserves our attention. We support some employees with Dutch training in the workplace.

For families and hobby chefs: we want everyone to have quality in their hands. Hundreds of satisfied private individuals in Belgium choose to work with our top products. Because they also find it important to serve the best to their customers. And they know that it starts with fresh quality products.


  • Sixties: The grandparents of current manager Tom Claessens set up a fruit trade with their own orchards in the Waasland.
  • 1975: Father André Claessens opens fruit and vegetable shops in Antwerp and Brussels.
  • 1992: Expansion of the store in Antwerp and first deliveries to restaurants in Antwerp.
  • 2003: Current business manager Tom Claessens takes over and moves the Antwerp business to the Groothandelsmarkt. From now on, the emphasis will be more on deliveries to catering establishments.
  • 2008: Establishment of a branch in Bruges for the region of West and East Flanders.
  • 2009: Opening of Fruxino “Your greenest fresh shop” on the South in Antwerp and start of Fruxino “Your regular fruit service”, a fruit service for companies.
  • 2014: Purchase of a new building and move to our current location in Antwerp. Opening of the Cash & Carry in this new complex.
  • 2015: Implementation of the new ISO standards and the start-up of our own logistics company Drop-it.
  • 2019: Expansion of the warehouse. The Cash & Carry experience is even more enjoyable.
  • 2020: Start-up of the Claessens Home Delivery during the Corona crisis.